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Cubensis Strains

Psilocybe cubensis is a species of psilocybin mushroom of moderate potency whose principal active compounds are psilocybin and psilocin.

Copelandia Strains

All mushrooms previously categorised under Copelandia are universally classified in Panaeolus. We include both as a convenience to the website visitor.


Sometimes, mushrooms go out of their hood and find mates of a different strain. You will find those exciting kids (hybrids) here in the near future.


Learn about growing psilocybins (magic mushrooms) with our amazing host, Canna Claus

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Mr. Nice Spores

John W. Allen, Mycologist

Mr. Nice spores teamed up with the best of the best and we are pleased to have partnered with John W. Allen, an ethnomycologist credited with discovering some of the most popular shroom strains in the world — including Ban Hua Thanon, Burma, Cambodian, Corumba, Hanoi, Kathmandu, Malaysian, Thai, and numerous others.  Mushroom John discovered and collected various samples in the 90s during an excursion through Southeast Asia (primarily Thailand) in search of magical mushrooms.  At the time, the concept of individual “strains” of magic mushrooms wasn’t a thing, but John Allen would simply name the samples after the regions he collected them — and the names appeared to have stuck. 

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James O'Neill, Mycologist,
Lead Tissue Culturist

James O'Neill, Mycologist, Lead Tissue Culturist James O’Neill, a cultivation expert and visionary, has devoted decades to the growth and cultivation of mushrooms, unlocking the untapped potential of these enigmatic organisms. With a deep-rooted passion for fungi, O’Neill is pioneering groundbreaking research in the hybridization of various strains, creating innovative combinations that offer a world of possibilities. His tireless dedication and expertise have not only expanded our understanding of the intricate fungal kingdom, but have also opened the door for novel hybridization and the creation of new strains. As a luminary in his field, James O’Neill continues to unravel the mysteries of fungi and share the fruits of his labor with the world. It is said we are known by the company we keep and the Mr. Nice brand and ShantiBaba are pleased to be partnering with Mr. James O'Neill

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